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Dewalt Power Tools


Original Part Numbers

2802K 2812B 2812K 2832K 2852B 2861K-2 2872B 2872K-2 2872KQ 2898B 2898K 152250-27 397745-01 652345-01 DBC184 DC020 DC212 DC212B DC212KA DC212KB DC212KZ DC212N DC213KB DC222KA DC222KB DC223KA DC223KB DC224KA DC224KB DC330 DC330K DC330KA DC330KB DC330N DC380KA DC380KB DC380N DC385 DC385B DC385K DC390 DC390B DC390K DC390KA DC390KB DC390N DC410 DC410KA DC410KB DC410N DC411B DC411KA DC411KL DC490B DC490KA DC495B DC495KA DC515B DC515K DC515N DC520KA DC527 (Flash Light) DC527 Flash Light DC527(Flash light) DC527(Flash lights) DC528 (Flash Light) DC528 (Flashlight) DC530KA DC540 DC540K DC542 DC542K DC545K DC546K DC550 DC550B DC550KA DC551KA DC608B DC608K DC612KA DC613KA DC614KA DC615KA DC616K DC618 DC618K DC618KA DC628K DC668KA DC720KA DC721KA DC721KB DC725KA DC725KB DC727KA DC727KA-AR DC727KA-B2 DC727VA DC728KA DC729KA DC730KA DC731KA DC731KB DC732KL DC733KA DC733KL DC735KA DC735KB DC740 DC740K-2 DC740KA DC740KZ DC742KA DC742VA DC743KA DC743KB DC745KA DC745KB DC750KA DC756KA DC756KB DC757KA DC757KB DC759 DC759KA DC759KB DC820B DC820KA DC820KB DC821KA DC823B DC823KA DC825B DC825KA DC825KB DC830KA DC830KB DC833KA DC835KA DC835KB DC840KA DC840KB DC841KA DC845KA DC845KB DC855KA DC920KA DC925 DC925KA DC925KB DC925VA DC926KA DC926VA DC930KA DC935KA DC935KB DC935VA DC936KA DC936VA DC940KA DC945KB DC980KA DC980KB DC981KA DC981KB DC981KZ DC983KA DC983SA DC984 DC984KA DC984KB DC984VA DC985KA DC985VA DC987 DC987KA DC987KB DC988 DC988KA DC988KB DC988VA DC989KA DC989VA DC998KB DC9071 DC9091 DC9094 DC9096 DCB180 DCB181 DCB181-XJ DCB184 DCB200 DCB201 DCB201-2 DCD690KL DCD740 DCD740B DCD740C1 DCD740N DCD760B DCD775B DCD780 DCD780B DCD780C2 DCD780L2 DCD785 DCD785C2 DCD785L2 DCD785N DCD910KX DCD920B2 DCD920KX DCD925 DCD925B2 DCD930 DCD930B2 DCD930KX DCD930L2 DCD930VX DCD935 DCD935B2 DCD940B2 DCD940KX DCD945B2 DCD950B DCD950KX DCD950VX DCD959KX DCD959VX DCD970KL DCD980L2 DCD985 DCD985B DCD985L2 DCD985N DCDK12 DCF059KL DCF826KL DCF880 DCF880C1-JP DCF880N DCF883B DCF883L2 DCF885 DCF885B DCF885C2 DCF885L1 DCF885L2 DCF885M1 DCF885N DCF889 DCF889N DCF895B DCF895C2 DCF895L2 DCF895N DCG411KL DCG412 DCG412B DCG412L2 DCG412N DCH213 DCH213M2 DCL040 DCL040N DCS331 DCS331B DCS331L1 DCS331L2 DCS331N DCS380 DCS380B DCS380L1 DCS380N DCS381 DCS391 DCS391B DCS391L1 DCS391N DCS393 DE0240 DE0240-XJ DE0241 DE0243 DE0243-XJ DE9036 DE9037 DE9038 DE9039 DE9057 DE9061 DE9062 DE9072 DE9074 DE9075 DE9085 DE9086 DE9091 DE9092 DE9093 DE9094 DE9095 DE9096 DE9098 DE9274 DE9501 DE9502 DE9503 DW004 DW004K DW004K-2 DW004K2C DW004K2H DW005 DW005K-2 DW005K2C DW005K2H DW006K DW006K-2 DW006K2XE DW006KH DW007 DW007C2 DW007K DW007K-2 DW007K-XE DW007KH DW008K DW008K-2 DW008K-XE DW008KH DW017 DW017K2 DW017K2H DW017N DW050 DW050K DW051K DW051K-2 DW052K DW052K-2 DW052K2H DW052Z DW053K DW053K-2 DW053K2H DW054K-2 DW055K-2 DW056 DW056K DW056K-2 DW056KS DW056N DW057K DW057K-2 DW057N DW059 DW059B DW059K-2 DW0240 DW0242 DW902 DW904 DW904(Flash Light) DW906 DW907K-2 DW907K2H DW907Z DW908 DW908 (Flash Light) DW911 DW912 DW915 (Flash Light) DW917 (Flash Light) DW918 DW919(Flash Light) DW920K DW920K-2 DW920K2 DW924K-B2 DW924K-B3 DW924K2AR DW924K2B2 DW924K2B3 DW924K2BR DW925K DW925K-2 DW925K2 DW926 DW926K DW926K-2 DW927K DW927K-2 DW927K2 DW927KV-2 DW928K DW928K-2 DW930 DW930K DW931K DW931K-2 DW932 DW933 DW933K DW934 DW934K-2 DW934K2 DW934K2H DW935 DW935K DW936 DW936K DW937K DW938 DW938K DW940K DW940K-2 DW941K DW941K-2 DW945 DW952 DW953 DW953K DW953K-2 DW953KF-2 DW953KS-2 DW953KV-2 DW953RFK2 DW954 DW954K-2 DW955 DW955K DW955K-2 DW959K-2 DW960 DW960B DW960K DW960K-2 DW965 DW965K DW965K-2 DW966K DW966K-2 DW968K DW968K-2 DW969K DW969K-2 DW970 DW971K-2 DW972 DW972B DW972K DW972K-2 DW972KQ-2 DW972KS-2 DW972RLK2 DW974K DW974K-2 DW974KQ DW975B DW975K DW976K DW977B DW977K DW979 DW979K DW979K-2 DW979K2-BR DW980 DW980K-2 DW981 DW981KD-2 DW981KF-2 DW981KQ DW983K DW983K-2 DW984 DW984K-2 DW984KS-2 DW985 DW985K-2 DW985KV-2 DW987 DW987KQ DW988 DW988KQ DW989 DW990K-2 DW991B DW991K-2 DW991KC-2 DW991KQ-2 DW991KS-2 DW992K-2 DW994KQ DW995 DW996K-2 DW996KQ DW996KV-2 DW997 DW997K-2 DW999 DW999K DW999K-2 DW999K2 DW999K2H DW999KQ DW9050 DW9057 DW9061 DW9062 DW9071 DW9072 DW9091 DW9094 DW9095 DW9096 DW9098
152250-27 397745-01 652345-01 DC200B DC9071 DC9091 DC9096 DCB180 DCB181 DCB182 DCB200 DCB201 DCB201-2 DE0240 DE0240-XJ DE0241 DE0243 DE0243-XJ DE9036 DE9037 DE9038 DE9039 DE9057 DE9062 DE9071 DE9072 DE9074 DE9075 DE9085 DE9091 DE9092 DE9094 DE9095 DE9096 DE9501 DW0240 DW0241 DW0242 DW9057 DW9061 DW9062 DW9091 DW9094 DW9095 DW9096
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