HTC Smart Phone & Tablet Batteries and Chargers

Rechargeable Smart Phone & Tablet Batteries, Chargers, Travel Adapters and more...

  • Original Part Numbers

    35H00068-00M 35H00075-01M 35H00123-00M 35H00123-02M 35H00123-22M 35H00125-02M 35H00125-07M 35H00127-06M 35H00140-06M 35H00152-01M ARTE160 BAS360 BAS390 BAS450 BAS520 BAS570 BB00100 BB96100 BB99100 BG32100 BREE160 HERA160 P435002 RHOD160 TOPA160
  • HTC Smart Phones & Tablets

    7 Mozart 7 Pro 7 Trophy 8S 8X 10 528D 528W A3288 A3333 A3335 A6262 A6363 A7272 A7273 A8181 Advantage Advantage X7510 Artemis BLAC100 Blackstone Blackstone 100 Bravo Breeze 100 Cedar 100 ChaCha Dash 3G Desire Desire 10 Desire 200 Desire 300 Desire 310 Desire 500 Desire 501 Desire 601 Desire 610 Desire 816 Desire C Desire HD Desire S Desire S510E Desire V Desire VC Desire VT T328T Desire X Desire Z Diamond 2 DROID ERIS Dual Engine S Elf Evo 3D Evo 4G LTE Explorer First Fortress G 1 G 3 G 4 G 6 G 7 G 8 G 10 G 11 G 12 G 13 G 14 G 15 G 16 G 19 G 20 Google Nexus One Gratia HD 2 HD 7 HD 7S HD Mini Hermes Hero Hero (Sprint) Imagio Incredible S Inspire JADE100 KAIS130 Kaiser Legend Leo 100 Magician Maple 100 Maple 120 Mogul Mozart MteoR NEXUS 9 Nexus One Nike One One (M7) One (M8) One Dual SIM One Max One Mini One Mini 2 One Plus One S One SC One ST One SU One SV One V One X One X Plus One XL Opal Ozone P3300 P3301 P3350 P3450 P3452 P3470 P3479 (Pharos) P3600 P3600i P4000 P4350 P4550 P5500 P5520 P6300 P6500 Panda PH06130 Pharos 100 PM610120 Radar Raider 4G Raider 4G LTE Rezound Rhodium 100 Rhodium 300 Rhodium W Rhyme S310 S510e S522 S620 S621 S630 S650 S710 S710e S730 S740 S741 Salsa Sensation Sensation XE Sensation XL Smart Star Trek Status T528 T528t T2223 T3232 T3238 T3333 T4242 T5353 T5399 T7373 T7377 T7378 T8282 T8585 T8698 Tattoo Thunderbolt Tilt 2 TITAN Titan 100 Touch Touch 2 Touch 3G Touch Color Touch Cruise Touch Cruise 2009 Touch Diamond Touch Diamond 2 Touch Diamond II Touch Dual Touch Elf Touch HD Touch HD2 Touch II Touch Pro Touch Pro 2 Touch Pro II Touch Pro Two Touch Viva Trinity 100 Trophy TyTN TyTN II V1615 Vision VOGU100 Vogue Wildfire Wildfire S Willow Windows Phone 8X Wizard Z510d Z710E Z715e
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