HP Server Memory

Original and 2-POWER matched memory for over 1200 different servers. Order from our generic range of popular sizes and speeds or select your server model from the list below for a guaranteed matched memory upgrade for your device.

  • Original Part Numbers

    405475-051 500202-161 500205-071 500205-171 500205-371 500210-071 500210-171 500656-B21 500656-S21 500656R-B21 500662-B21 500672-B21 500672-S21 500672-TV1 500672R-B21 593907-B21 593907R-B21 593923-B21 593923R-B21 595102-001 604502-B21 604502R-B21 604506-B21 604506R-B21 605313-071 605313R-071 619488-B21 619488R-B21 627808R-B21 627812-B21 627812R-B21 647653-081 647883-B21 647897-B21 647899-B21 647899-S21 647899R-B21 647901-B21 647901-B21#0D1 647901-S21 647901R-B21 647903R-B21 647907-B21 647907-B21#0D1 647907-TV1 647907R-B21 647909-B21 664691-001 664691R-001 664695-001 669322-B21 669324-B21 669324R-B21 672612-081 672631-B21 672631R-B21 672633-B21 672633R-B21 676331-B21 676331-B21#0D1 676333-B21 676333R-B21 678279-B21 684031-001 684066-B21 684066R-B21 687460-001 687461-001 687462-001 687463-001 687464-001 688963-001 690802-B21 690802R-B21 695793-B21 695793R-B21 698655-154 698656-154 698807-001 698807R-001 713756-081 713977-B21 713979-B21 713979-S21 713979R-B21 713981R-B21 713983-B21 713983R-B21 713985-B21 713985R-B21 715280-001 715281-001 715282-001 715283-001 715284-001 715284R-001 721101-001 731765-B21 735302-001 805351-B21 805351R-B21 805353-B21 805353R-B21 805671-B21 809083-091 815097-B21 815097R-B21 815098R-B21 815100-B21 815100R-B21 815371-B21 819412-001 820077-B21 823810-001 835955-B21 835955R-B21 836220-B21 836220R-B21 838079-B21 838081-B21 838089-B21 845264-B21 850880-001 850881-001 862976-B21 867853-B21 867855-B21 868846-001 876181-B21 879505-B21 P00930-B21 P05586-B21 P05588-B21 P05590-B21
  • HP Server Memories

    ProLiant BL420c Gen8 ProLiant BL460c Gen8 ProLiant BL460c Gen9 ProLiant BL460c Gen9 Base ProLiant BL460c Gen9 Entry ProLiant BL460c Gen9 Performance ProLiant BL460c Gen10 ProLiant BL465C G7 ProLiant BL465c Gen8 ProLiant BL660c Gen8 ProLiant BL660c Gen8 Performance ProLiant DL2x170h G6 ProLiant DL4x170h G6 Proliant DL20 G10 ProLiant DL20 Gen9 ProLiant DL20 Gen9 Base ProLiant DL20 Gen9 Entry ProLiant DL20 Gen9 Performance ProLiant DL20 Gen9 Solution ProLiant DL20 Gen10 ProLiant DL20 Gen10 Entry ProLiant DL20 Gen10 Performance ProLiant DL20 Gen10 solution Proliant DL60 Gen9 ProLiant DL60 Gen9 Base ProLiant DL60 Gen9 Entry ProLiant DL80 Gen9 ProLiant DL80 Gen9 Base ProLiant DL80 Gen9 Entry ProLiant DL120 G6 Base ProLiant DL120 G7 ProLiant DL120 G7 Base ProLiant DL120 G7 Entry ProLiant DL120 G7 Performance ProLiant DL120 Gen9 ProLiant DL120 Gen9 Entry ProLiant DL160 Gen8 ProLiant DL160 Gen8 Base ProLiant DL160 Gen8 Entry ProLiant DL160 Gen8 Performance Proliant DL160 Gen9 ProLiant DL160 Gen9 Base ProLiant DL160 Gen9 Entry ProLiant DL160 Gen9 Performance ProLiant DL165 G7 ProLiant DL165 G7 Base ProLiant DL165 G7 Entry ProLiant DL165 G7 Performance ProLiant DL165 G7 Special Server ProLiant DL170h G6 ProLiant DL180 G9 Proliant DL180 Gen9 ProLiant DL180 Gen9 Base ProLiant DL180 Gen9 Entry ProLiant DL180 Gen9 Storage ProLiant DL180 Gen10 ProLiant DL180 Gen10 Base ProLiant DL320e Gen8 ProLiant DL320e Gen8 Base ProLiant DL320e Gen8 Entry ProLiant DL320e Gen8 Special Server Proliant DL320e Gen8 v2 ProLiant DL320e Gen8 v2 Base ProLiant DL320e Gen8 v2 Entry ProLiant DL320e Gen8 v2 Performance ProLiant DL325 Gen10 ProLiant DL325 Gen10 Entry ProLiant DL325 Gen10 Performance ProLiant DL325 Gen10 SMB Solution ProLiant DL360 G6 Base ProLiant DL360 G6 Efficiency ProLiant DL360 G6 Performance ProLiant DL360 G7 Base ProLiant DL360 G7 Efficiency ProLiant DL360 G7 Entry Proliant DL360 G9 Proliant DL360 G10 ProLiant DL360 Gen9 ProLiant DL360 Gen9 Base ProLiant DL360 Gen9 CMS ProLiant DL360 Gen9 Entry ProLiant DL360 Gen9 Performance ProLiant DL360 Gen9 Special Server ProLiant DL360 Gen10 ProLiant DL360 Gen10 Base ProLiant DL360 Gen10 Entry ProLiant DL360 Gen10 High Performan ProLiant DL360 Gen10 Low ProLiant DL360 Gen10 Performance ProLiant DL360 Gen10 Solution ProLiant DL360e Gen8 ProLiant DL360e Gen8 Base ProLiant DL360e Gen8 Entry ProLiant DL360e Gen8 Performance ProLiant DL360e Gen8 Special Server ProLiant DL360p Gen8 ProLiant DL360p Gen8 Base ProLiant DL360p Gen8 CMS ProLiant DL360p Gen8 Entry ProLiant DL360p Gen8 High Performan ProLiant DL360p Gen8 Performance ProLiant DL360p Gen8 Special Server ProLiant DL380 G6 High Efficiency ProLiant DL380 G6 Performance ProLiant DL380 G7 Efficiency ProLiant DL380 Gen9 Base ProLiant DL380 Gen9 Entry ProLiant DL380 Gen9 High Performanc ProLiant DL380 Gen9 Performance ProLiant DL380 Gen10 ProLiant DL380 Gen10 Base ProLiant DL380 Gen10 Entry ProLiant DL380 Gen10 High Performan ProLiant DL380 Gen10 Performance ProLiant DL380 Gen10 Solution ProLiant DL380E GEN8 ProLiant DL380e Gen8 Base ProLiant DL380e Gen8 Entry ProLiant DL380e Gen8 High Performan ProLiant DL380e Gen8 Storage ProLiant DL380p Gen8 Base ProLiant DL380p Gen8 Entry ProLiant DL380p Gen8 High Performan ProLiant DL380p Gen8 Special ProLiant DL385 G7 ProLiant DL385 G7 Base ProLiant DL385 G7 Entry ProLiant DL385 G7 HE ProLiant DL385 G7 Performance ProLiant DL385 Gen10 ProLiant DL385 Gen10 Base ProLiant DL385 Gen10 Entry ProLiant DL385 Gen10 High-Performan ProLiant DL385 Gen10 Performance ProLiant DL385 Gen10 Solution ProLiant DL385p Gen8 ProLiant DL385p Gen8 Dedicated Work ProLiant DL385p Gen8 Entry ProLiant DL385p Gen8 Maximized Cons ProLiant DL385p Gen8 Storage ProLiant DL385p Gen8 Storage Centri ProLiant DL560 Gen8 Performance ProLiant DL560 Gen10 ProLiant DL560 Gen10 Base ProLiant DL560 Gen10 Entry ProLiant DL560 Gen10 Performance ProLiant DL580 G7 High Performance ProLiant DL580 Gen9 ProLiant DL580 Gen9 Database ProLiant DL580 Gen9 SAP HANA Scale- ProLiant DL580 Gen10 ProLiant DL580 Gen10 Base ProLiant DL580 Gen10 Entry ProLiant DL580 Gen10 Performance ProLiant DL585 G7 ProLiant DL585 G7 Base ProLiant DL585 G7 Performance Proliant MicroServer Gen8 ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 Base ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 Entry ProLiant MicroServer Gen10 ProLiant MicroServer Gen10 Entry ProLiant MicroServer Gen10 Performa ProLiant MicroServer Gen10 Solution ProLiant ML10 Gen9 ProLiant ML10 Gen9 Entry ProLiant ML10 Gen9 Performance ProLiant ML10 v2 ProLiant ML10 v2 Base ProLiant ML10 v2 Entry ProLiant ML30 Gen9 ProLiant ML30 Gen9 Base ProLiant ML30 Gen9 Entry ProLiant ML30 Gen9 Performance ProLiant ML30 Gen9 Solution ProLiant ML30 Gen10 ProLiant ML30 Gen10 Entry ProLiant ML30 Gen10 Performance ProLiant ML30 Gen10 Solution ProLiant ML110 G7 ProLiant ML110 G7 Base ProLiant ML110 G7 Entry ProLiant ML110 G7 Performance ProLiant ML110 Gen9 ProLiant ML110 Gen9 Base ProLiant ML110 Gen9 Entry ProLiant ML110 Gen10 ProLiant ML110 Gen10 Entry ProLiant ML110 Gen10 Performance ProLiant ML110 Gen10 Solution ProLiant ML150 G6 Base ProLiant ML150 G6 Performance Proliant ML150 Gen9 ProLiant ML150 Gen9 Base ProLiant ML150 Gen9 Entry ProLiant ML150 Gen9 Performance ProLiant ML310e Gen8 ProLiant ML310e Gen8 Base ProLiant ML310e Gen8 Entry ProLiant ML310e Gen8 Performance ProLiant ML310e Gen8 v2 ProLiant ML310e Gen8 v2 Base ProLiant ML310e Gen8 v2 Enty ProLiant ML310e Gen8 v2 Performance ProLiant ML350 G6 Special Server ProLiant ML350 Gen9 ProLiant ML350 Gen9 Base ProLiant ML350 Gen9 Entry ProLiant ML350 Gen9 Performance ProLiant ML350 Gen10 ProLiant ML350 Gen10 Base ProLiant ML350 Gen10 Entry ProLiant ML350 Gen10 Performance ProLiant ML350 Gen10 Solution ProLiant ML350 Gen10 Sub-Entry ProLiant ML350e Gen8 ProLiant ML350e Gen8 Base ProLiant ML350e Gen8 Entry ProLiant ML350e Gen8 Performance ProLiant ML350e Gen8 v2 ProLiant ML350e Gen8 v2 Base ProLiant ML350e Gen8 v2 Entry ProLiant ML350p Gen8 ProLiant ML350p Gen8 Base ProLiant ML350p Gen8 Entry ProLiant ML350p Gen8 Performance ProLiant SL230s Gen8 1U Left Half W ProLiant SL230s Gen8 1U Right Half ProLiant SL230s Gen8 Base 1U Left T ProLiant SL230s Gen8 Base 1U Right ProLiant SL250s Gen8 2U Left Half W ProLiant SL250s Gen8 2U PCIe Gen3 L ProLiant SL250s Gen8 2U PCIe Gen3 R ProLiant SL250s Gen8 2U Right Half ProLiant SL250s Gen8 Base 2U Left H ProLiant SL250s Gen8 Base 2U Right ProLiant SL250s Gen8 Left Tray ProLiant SL250s Gen8 Right Tray ProLiant SL270s Gen8 1U Left Half W ProLiant SL270s Gen8 1U Right Half ProLiant SL270s Gen8 Base 4U Left H ProLiant SL270s Gen8 Base 4U Right ProLiant SL270s Gen8 SE 4U Left Tra ProLiant SL270s Gen8 SE 4U Right Tr ProLiant SL390s G7 1U Left Half Wid ProLiant SL390s G7 1U Left Tray Nod ProLiant SL390s G7 1U Right Half Wi ProLiant SL390s G7 1U Right Tray No ProLiant SL390s G7 Base 1U left Hal ProLiant SL390s G7 Base 1U Right Ha ProLiant SL390s G7 Entry 1U Left Ha ProLiant SL390s G7 Entry 1U Right H ProLiant SL390s G7 Performance 1U l ProLiant SL390s G7 Performance 1U R ProLiant SL4540 Gen8 Tray 1x Node S ProLiant SL4540 Gen8 Tray 2x Node S ProLiant SL4540 Gen8 Tray 3x Node S Proliant SL4545 G7 ProLiant WS460c Gen8 ProLiant WS460c Gen9 Graphics ProLiant WS460c Gen9 Graphics Expan ProLiant XL170r Gen10 ProLiant XL190r Gen9 ProLiant XL190r Gen10 Proliant XL220a Gen8 v2 ProLiant XL230a Gen9 NHP Compute Tr ProLiant XL230k Gen10 Compute Tray ProLiant XL250a Gen9 Accelerator Tr ProLiant XL270d Gen9 ProLiant XL270d Gen10 ProLiant XL450 Gen10 Synergy 480 Gen9 Compute Module Synergy 480 Gen10 Base Compute Modu Synergy 480 Gen10 Compute Module Synergy 480 Gen10 Entry Compute Mod Synergy 480 Gen10 Performance Compu Synergy 480 Gen10 Premium Backplane Synergy 480 Gen10 Standard BackPlan Synergy 480 Gen10 w/o Drives Comput Synergy 660 Gen9 Compute Module Synergy 660 Gen10 Compute Module Synergy 660 Gen10 Performance Compu Synergy 660 Gen10 Premium Compute M