Toshiba Portege Laptop Memory

Original and 2-POWER matched memory for over 6000 different laptops. Order from our generic range of popular sizes and speeds or select your laptop model from the list below for a guaranteed matched memory upgrade for your device.

Toshiba Laptop Memory


Original Part Numbers

Portege A30-C-1CX Portege A30-C-1CZ Portege A30-C-1D0 Portege A30-C-1D7 Portege A30-C-1D9 Portege A30-C-1DN Portege A30-C-1DP Portege A30-C-1DQ Portege A30-C-1DT Portege A30-C-1H2 Portege A30-C-1HE Portege A30-C-1HF Portege A30-C-1JC Portege A30-C-1JD Portege A30-C-1RW Portege A30-C-13N Portege A30-C-18K Portege A30-C-180 Portege A30-D-10E Portege A30-D-114 Portege A30-D-139 Portege A100 Portege A200 Portege A200-120 Portege A600 Portege A600-01K Portege A600-02H Portege A600-02J Portege A600-003 Portege A600 3G-12T Portege A600-12B Portege A600-12C Portege A600-12H Portege A600-12M Portege A600-12T Portege A600-13A Portege A600-13B Portege A600-13S Portege A600-13T Portege A600-14C Portege A600-14R Portege A600-14X Portege A600-15M Portege A600-16N Portege A600-16P Portege A600-16Q Portege A600-17K Portege A600-024 Portege A600-126 Portege A600-128 Portege A600-133 Portege A600-134 Portege A600-135 Portege A600-137 Portege A600-138 Portege A600-139 Portege A600-152 Portege A600-161 Portege A600-163 Portege A600-175 Portege A600-EC1 Portege A600-SP2801A Portege A600-SP2801C Portege A600-SP2801R Portege M100 Portege M100-101 Portege M100-104 Portege M100-105 Portege M100-106 Portege M100-107 Portege M100-112 Portege M100-122 Portege M100-BTO Portege M200 Portege M200-19T114 Portege M200-60 Portege M200-100 Portege M200-101 Portege M200-102 Portege M200-105 Portege M200-122 Portege M200-142 Portege M200-152 Portege M200-160 Portege M200-170 Portege M200-171 Portege M200-172 Portege M200-173 Portege M200-S218TD Portege M300 Portege M300-100 Portege M300-101 Portege M300-102 Portege M300-103 Portege M300-104 Portege M300-105 Portege M300-BTO Portege M400 Portege M400 3G-12F Portege M400-3G10P Portege M400-3G143 Portege M400-3G145 Portege M400-10F Portege M400-10I Portege M400-10L Portege M400-10O Portege M400-10P Portege M400-10Q Portege M400-10R Portege M400-11C Portege M400-11G Portege M400-11H Portege M400-11J Portege M400-11K Portege M400-11N Portege M400-11T Portege M400-11U Portege M400-11X Portege M400-100 Portege M400-101 Portege M400-103 Portege M400-104 Portege M400-105 Portege M400-106 Portege M400-109 Portege M400-117 Portege M400-120 Portege M400-139 Portege M400-143 Portege M400-144 Portege M400-145 Portege M400-146 Portege M400-149 Portege M400-152 Portege M400-153 Portege M400-154 Portege M400-155 Portege M400-156 Portege M400-163 Portege M400-164 Portege M400-166 Portege M400-167 Portege M400-168 Portege M400-170 Portege M400-172 Portege M400-174 Portege M400-185 Portege M400-195 Portege M400-EZ5031 Portege M400-S933 Portege M400-S4034 Portege M400-S5032 Portege M400-S5032X Portege M400-ST4001 Portege M400-TD1 Portege M400 X10 Portege M400 X30 Portege M500 Portege M700 Portege M700-3G11F Portege M700-3G13B Portege M700-009 Portege M700-10B Portege M700-10N Portege M700-10O Portege M700-10S Portege M700-10X Portege M700-11L Portege M700-11N Portege M700-11P Portege M700-12H Portege M700-12I Portege M700-12J Portege M700-12V Portege M700-13A Portege M700-13P Portege M700-106 Portege M700-108 Portege M700-110 Portege M700-116 Portege M700-121 Portege M700-123 Portege M700-132 Portege M700-133 Portege M700-139 Portege M700-S7001X Portege M700-S7002 Portege M700-S7003V Portege M700-S7004V Portege M700-S7005V Portege M700-S7005X Portege M700-S7008X Portege M700-S7043V Portege M700-S7043X Portege M700-S7044V Portege M700-S7044X Portege M700-SP1801 Portege M700-SP1802 Portege M750 Portege M750-02X Portege M750 3G-129 Portege M750-10F Portege M750-10G Portege M750-10J Portege M750-10K Portege M750-10L Portege M750-10S Portege M750-10Z Portege M750-11N Portege M750-11R Portege M750-11T Portege M750-11W Portege M750-12F Portege M750-12G Portege M750-12K Portege M750-12M Portege M750-13C Portege M750-13Q Portege M750-14N Portege M750-14W Portege M750-102 Portege M750-103 Portege M750-104 Portege M750-105 Portege M750-109 Portege M750-112 Portege M750-113 Portege M750-114 Portege M750-115 Portege M750-116 Portege M750-119 Portege M750-120 Portege M750-129 Portege M750-135 Portege M750-136 Portege M750-159 Portege M750-AM1 Portege M750-0G9 Portege M750-0JQ Portege M750-0PR Portege M750-0PT Portege M750-0S7 Portege M750-S7201 Portege M750-S7202 Portege M750-S7211 Portege M750-S7212 Portege M750-S7213 Portege M750-S7221 Portege M750-S7222 Portege M750-S7223 Portege M750-S7241 Portege M750-S7242 Portege M750-SP1801A Portege M750-SP1801R Portege M750-SP1904R Portege M750-ST7258 Portege M750-W7224V Portege M800 Portege M800-05Y Portege M800-10A Portege M800-10Z Portege M800-11B Portege M800-11D Portege M800-11E Portege M800-11I Portege M800-11K Portege M800-056 Portege M800-100 Portege M800-103 Portege M800-104 Portege M800-108 Portege M800-111 Portege M800-114 Portege M800-121 Portege M800-127 Portege R30-A Portege R30-A-1C4 Portege R30-A-1C5 Portege R30-A-1CD Portege R30-A-1CM Portege R30-A-1CN Portege R30-A-1CP Portege R30-A-1CQ Portege R30-A-1CW Portege R30-A-1D9 Portege R30-A-1DJ Portege R30-A-1DM Portege R30-A-1DP Portege R30-A-1DR Portege R30-A-1EC Portege R30-A-1ER Portege R30-A-1F7 Portege R30-A-1FL Portege R30-A-1GP Portege R30-A-01M Portege R30-A-01N Portege R30-A-010 Portege R30-A-10H Portege R30-A-10R Portege R30-A-11J Portege R30-A-11K Portege R30-A-12J Portege R30-A-13C Portege R30-A-13E Portege R30-A-13T Portege R30-A-13W Portege R30-A-13X Portege R30-A-14C Portege R30-A-14G Portege R30-A-14K Portege R30-A-14X Portege R30-A-15C Portege R30-A-15D Portege R30-A-15M Portege R30-A-15N Portege R30-A-15P Portege R30-A-16G Portege R30-A-16T Portege R30-A-17C Portege R30-A-17D Portege R30-A-17E Portege R30-A-17G Portege R30-A-17H Portege R30-A-17J Portege R30-A-17K Portege R30-A-17R Portege R30-A-18P Portege R30-A-19D Portege R30-A-19E Portege R30-A-19G Portege R30-A-19H Portege R30-A-19J Portege R30-A-19K Portege R30-A-19L Portege R30-A-19M Portege R30-A-19P Portege R30-A-19Q Portege R30-A-19V Portege R30-A-111 Portege R30-A-112 Portege R30-A-114 Portege R30-A-121 Portege R30-A-129 Portege R30-A-130 Portege R30-A-131 Portege R30-A-134 Portege R30-A-137 Portege R30-A-138 Portege R30-A-139 Portege R30-A-140 Portege R30-A-145 Portege R30-A-146 Portege R30-A-147 Portege R30-A-149 Portege R30-A-155 Portege R30-A-156 Portege R30-A-157 Portege R30-A-159 Portege R30-A-191 Portege R30-A-196 Portege R30-A-197 Portege R30-A-0CX Portege R30-A-00W Portege R30-A-00X Portege R30-A-00Y Portege R30-A-0YQ Portege R30-A1301 Portege R30-A1302 Portege R30-A1310 Portege R30-A1320 Portege R30-ABT1300 Portege R100 Portege R100-102 Portege R100-103 Portege R100-122 Portege R150 Portege R200 Portege R200-113 Portege R200-126 Portege R200-127 Portege R200-128 Portege R200-130 Portege R200-132 Portege R200-135 Portege R200-136 Portege R200-138 Portege R200-141 Portege R200-142 Portege R200-P1101 Portege R200-P1111 Portege R200-P1131 Portege R400 Portege R400-10B Portege R400-101 Portege R400-103 Portege R400-S4932 Portege R500 Portege R500-02G Portege R500 3G-11N Portege R500 3G-121 Portege R500-10L Portege R500-12B Portege R500-12R Portege R500-12s Portege R500-120 Portege R500-121 Portege R500-125 Portege R500-133 Portege R500-136 Portege R500-S5005 Portege R500-SP1 Portege R500-SP2 Portege R500-SSD Portege R500-00V Portege R600 Portege R600 -014 Portege R600-1E8 Portege R600-02J Portege R600-02P Portege R600-02V Portege R600-03F Portege R600-10B Portege R600-10T Portege R600-10U Portege R600-10V Portege R600-10W Portege R600-10X Portege R600-11A Portege R600-11B Portege R600-11Z Portege R600-12F Portege R600-12G Portege R600-12H Portege R600-12L Portege R600-12N Portege R600-12R Portege R600-12T Portege R600-12U Portege R600-12V Portege R600-12W Portege R600-12Z Portege R600-13X Portege R600-13Z Portege R600-14P Portege R600-037 Portege R600-038 Portege R600-110 Portege R600-117 Portege R600-119 Portege R600-136 Portege R600-140 Portege R600-143 Portege R600-144 Portege R600-147 Portege R600-149 Portege R600-S4211 Portege R600-S4212 Portege R600-S4213 Portege R600-SP2801C Portege R600-SP2801R Portege R600-SP2803C Portege R600-ST4203 Portege R600-VH3 Portege R600-W4212 Portege R600-W4213 Portege R700 Portege R700-1C2 Portege R700-1C4 Portege R700-1CC Portege R700-1CF Portege R700-1CQ Portege R700-1CX Portege R700-1CZ Portege R700-1D1 Portege R700-1D3 Portege R700-1DC Portege R700-1DD Portege R700-1DE Portege R700-1DF Portege R700-1DG Portege R700-1DH Portege R700-1DJ Portege R700-1DL Portege R700-1DM Portege R700-1DN Portege R700-1DP Portege R700-1DT Portege R700-1E0 Portege R700-1E1 Portege R700-1EG Portege R700-1EH Portege R700-1EL Portege R700-1EZ Portege R700-1F0 Portege R700-1F1 Portege R700-1F2 Portege R700-1F3 Portege R700-1F4 Portege R700-1F5 Portege R700-1F6 Portege R700-1F7 Portege R700-1FK Portege R700-1FL Portege R700-1FN Portege R700-1FP Portege R700-1G0 Portege R700-1G4 Portege R700-11E Portege R700-11P Portege R700-12D Portege R700-12K Portege R700-12R Portege R700-12U Portege R700-13F Portege R700-13K Portege R700-13L Portege R700-13N Portege R700-14F Portege R700-14H Portege R700-14J Portege R700-14L Portege R700-14M Portege R700-14N Portege R700-14P Portege R700-15C Portege R700-15E Portege R700-15H Portege R700-15J Portege R700-15L Portege R700-15Q Portege R700-15R Portege R700-15T Portege R700-15U Portege R700-15V Portege R700-15W Portege R700-15X Portege R700-15Z Portege R700-16R Portege R700-17G Portege R700-17H Portege R700-17N Portege R700-17W Portege R700-17X Portege R700-17Z Portege R700-18C Portege R700-18G Portege R700-18P Portege R700-18Q Portege R700-19F Portege R700-19H Portege R700-19J Portege R700-19L Portege R700-19M Portege R700-19T Portege R700-100 Portege R700-110 Portege R700-131 Portege R700-135 Portege R700-136 Portege R700-153 Portege R700-155 Portege R700-156 Portege R700-157 Portege R700-158 Portege R700-160 Portege R700-172 Portege R700-173 Portege R700-174 Portege R700-177 Portege R700-179 Portege R700-181 Portege R700-182 Portege R700-183 Portege R700-184 Portege R700-185 Portege R700-187 Portege R700-194 Portege R700-195 Portege R700 EX-11G Portege R700 EX-123 Portege R700-S1310 Portege R700-S1312 Portege R700-S1322 Portege R700-S1322W Portege R700-S1332 Portege R700-S1332W Portege R700-ST1300 Portege R700-ST1303 Portege R700-W1322 Portege R930 Portege R930-1C0 Portege R930-1C1 Portege R930-1C8 Portege R930-1C9 Portege R930-1CH Portege R930-1CK Portege R930-1CL Portege R930-1CW Portege R930-1CX Portege R930-1CZ Portege R930-1D0 Portege R930-1D7 Portege R930-1DK Portege R930-1F9 Portege R930-1FG Portege R930-1FL Portege R930-1FU Portege R930-1FV Portege R930-1GW Portege R930-1H5 Portege R930-1HM Portege R930-1K5 Portege R930-1K7 Portege R930-1K8 Portege R930-1K9 Portege R930-1KE Portege R930-1KT Portege R930-1KZ Portege R930-1L0 Portege R930-1LQ Portege R930-1LV Portege R930-1MM Portege R930-1NV Portege R930-1NZ Portege R930-1P2 Portege R930-1PP Portege R930-005 Portege R930-05W Portege R930-05X Portege R930-006 Portege R930-06X Portege R930-06Y Portege R930-007 Portege R930-008 Portege R930-08S Portege R930-08T Portege R930-009 Portege R930-10G Portege R930-10H Portege R930-10J Portege R930-10M Portege R930-10P Portege R930-10V Portege R930-10X Portege R930-10Z Portege R930-11C Portege R930-11H Portege R930-11J Portege R930-11W Portege R930-12H Portege R930-12N Portege R930-12Q Portege R930-12V Portege R930-12W Portege R930-13H Portege R930-13U Portege R930-14C Portege R930-14D Portege R930-14E Portege R930-14F Portege R930-14G Portege R930-14T Portege R930-14W Portege R930-14X Portege R930-14Z Portege R930-15D Portege R930-15E Portege R930-15F Portege R930-15G Portege R930-15L Portege R930-16Z Portege R930-17L Portege R930-17M Portege R930-17N Portege R930-17Q Portege R930-17R Portege R930-17U Portege R930-17V Portege R930-17W Portege R930-18C Portege R930-18D Portege R930-18L Portege R930-18M Portege R930-18N Portege R930-18P Portege R930-18T Portege R930-18U Portege R930-18W Portege R930-19N Portege R930-19T Portege R930-19V Portege R930-19W Portege R930-19Z Portege R930-070 Portege R930-071 Portege R930-101 Portege R930-109 Portege R930-115 Portege R930-116 Portege R930-117 Portege R930-122 Portege R930-126 Portege R930-127 Portege R930-131 Portege R930-133 Portege R930-141 Portege R930-144 Portege R930-145 Portege R930-146 Portege R930-147 Portege R930-148 Portege R930-149 Portege R930-151 Portege R930-152 Portege R930-153 Portege R930-154 Portege R930-157 Portege R930-158 Portege R930-165 Portege R930-180 Portege R930-181 Portege R930-182 Portege R930-183 Portege R930-189 Portege R930-193 Portege R930-195 Portege R930-BT9300 Portege R930-0C3 Portege R930-0C5 Portege R930-0C6 Portege R930-0HL Portege R930-S9320 Portege R930-S9321 Portege R930-S9330 Portege R930-S9331 Portege R930-SP3178KM Portege R930-SP3243L Portege R930-SP3256KL Portege R930-SP3258KL Portege R930-SP3346L Portege R930-00V Portege R935-P326 Portege R935-ST3N02 Portege R935-ST4N01 Portege Z20T Portege Z20t-B-001 Portege Z20t-B-01Q Portege Z20t-B-005 Portege Z20t-B-10C Portege Z20t-B-10E Portege Z20t-B-10G Portege Z20T-B-10H Portege Z20t-B-10W Portege Z20t-B-10Z Portege Z20t-B-102 Portege Z20t-B-103 Portege Z20t-B-104 Portege Z20t-B-106 Portege Z20T-B-107 Portege Z20T-B-108 Portege Z20t-B-111 Portege Z20t-B-113 Portege Z20t-B-115 Portege Z20t-B2110 Portege Z20t-B2111 Portege Z20t-B2112 Portege Z30-A-1CC Portege Z30-A-1CK Portege Z30-A-1CN Portege Z30-A-1CR Portege Z30-A-1DU Portege Z30-A-1E5 Portege Z30-A-1FL Portege Z30-A-1GD Portege Z30-A-1GF Portege Z30-A-1GL Portege Z30-A-12N Portege Z30-A-12V Portege Z30-A-13E Portege Z30-A-13F Portege Z30-A-13K Portege Z30-A-13R Portege Z30-A-13U Portege Z30-A-14K Portege Z30-A-14Z Portege Z30-A-19L Portege Z30-A-19N Portege Z30-A-115 Portege Z30-A-120 Portege Z30-A-159 Portege Z30-A-181 Portege Z30-A-192 Portege Z30-A1301 Portege Z30-A1302 Portege Z30-B-10C Portege Z30-B-10D Portege Z30-B-10E Portege Z30-B-10G Portege Z30-B-10K Portege Z30-B-10M Portege Z30-B-10Q Portege Z30-B-10V Portege Z30-B-11C Portege Z30-B-11G Portege Z30-B-11H Portege Z30-B-11K Portege Z30-B-11R Portege Z30-B-11T Portege Z30-B-11V Portege Z30-B-11W Portege Z30-B-11X Portege Z30-B-12E Portege Z30-B-12F Portege Z30-B-12J Portege Z30-B-12K Portege Z30-B-12X Portege Z30-B-14E Portege Z30-B-14U Portege Z30-B-14W Portege Z30-B-14X Portege Z30-B-14Z Portege Z30-B-15H Portege Z30-B-15J Portege Z30-B-15L Portege Z30-B-106 Portege Z30-B-107 Portege Z30-B-109 Portege Z30-B-111 Portege Z30-B-112 Portege Z30-B-113 Portege Z30-B-116 Portege Z30-B-117 Portege Z30-B-119 Portege Z30-B-120 Portege Z30-B-121 Portege Z30-B-127 Portege Z30-B-00W Portege Z30-B1310 Portege Z30-B1320 Portege Z30-BST3NX4 Portege Z30-C-1C9 Portege Z30-C-1CV Portege Z30-C-1CW Portege Z30-C-1EK Portege Z30-C-1EL Portege Z30-C-1EM Portege Z30-C-1EN Portege Z30-C-13G Portege Z30-C-16H Portege Z30-C-16J Portege Z30-C-16K Portege Z30-C-16L Portege Z30-C-16M Portege Z30-C-16N Portege Z30-C-16P Portege Z30-C-16Z Portege Z30-C-19R Portege Z30-C-170 Portege Z30-C-176 Portege Z30-C-177 Portege Z30-C-178 Portege Z30-C-188 Portege Z30-C-190 Portege Z30-C-191 Portege Z30-C-193 Portege Z30t-A-10Q Portege Z30t-A-10V Portege Z30t-A-11H Portege Z30T-A-11U Portege Z30T-A-12J Portege Z30t-C-136 Portege Z30t-C-139 Portege Z930 Portege Z930-001-4 Portege Z930-001-5 Portege Z930-002 Portege Z930-02H Portege Z930-02J Portege Z930-02L Portege Z930-03R Portege Z930-06M Portege Z930-06X Portege Z930-007 Portege Z930-08E Portege Z930-10D Portege Z930-10E Portege Z930-10F Portege Z930-10M Portege Z930-10P Portege Z930-10Q Portege Z930-10T Portege Z930-11C Portege Z930-11G Portege Z930-11M Portege Z930-11Q Portege Z930-11R Portege Z930-11W Portege Z930-11Z Portege Z930-12C Portege Z930-12G Portege Z930-12H Portege Z930-12J Portege Z930-12K Portege Z930-12L Portege Z930-12M Portege Z930-12Q Portege Z930-12R Portege Z930-12T Portege Z930-13G Portege Z930-13H Portege Z930-13L Portege Z930-13M Portege Z930-13U Portege Z930-13W Portege Z930-13X Portege Z930-14C Portege Z930-14D Portege Z930-14E Portege Z930-14K Portege Z930-14L Portege Z930-14M Portege Z930-14N Portege Z930-14P Portege Z930-14Q Portege Z930-14T Portege Z930-14U Portege Z930-14X Portege Z930-14Z Portege Z930-15C Portege Z930-15E Portege Z930-15N Portege Z930-15Q Portege Z930-15R Portege Z930-15T Portege Z930-15W Portege Z930-15Z Portege Z930-16D Portege Z930-16G Portege Z930-16J Portege Z930-16M Portege Z930-17T Portege Z930-18F Portege Z930-18P Portege Z930-18W Portege Z930-043 Portege Z930-101 Portege Z930-102 Portege Z930-105 Portege Z930-108 Portege Z930-109 Portege Z930-110 Portege Z930-111 Portege Z930-116 Portege Z930-118 Portege Z930-128 Portege Z930-129 Portege Z930-131 Portege Z930-137 Portege Z930-138 Portege Z930-139 Portege Z930-143 Portege Z930-145 Portege Z930-146 Portege Z930-147 Portege Z930-148 Portege Z930-150 Portege Z930-151 Portege Z930-153 Portege Z930-156 Portege Z930-158 Portege Z930-167 Portege Z930-169 Portege Z930-172 Portege Z930-174 Portege Z930-188 Portege Z930-190 Portege Z930-0Q3 Portege Z930-S9301 Portege Z930-S9302 Portege Z930-S9311 Portege Z930-S9312 Portege Z930-SP3151L Portege Z930-SP3242L Portege Z930-SP3254SL Portege Z930-SP3261SM Portege Z930-SP3304M Portege Z930-SP3348L
A000012650 A000014300 A000025950 A000030660 A000036010 A000036050 A000036570 K000048060 K000048070 K000055340 K000065760 K000067650 KTT3311A/1G P000433650 P000455860 P000482680 P000525780 P000569590 PA3278U-1M1G PA3313S-2M1G PA3313U-1M1G PA3313U-2M1G PA3411S-2M1G PA3411U-1M1G PA3411U-2M1G PA3512S-1M1G PA3512U-1M1G PA3513S-1M2G PA3513U-1M2G PA3668U-1M1G PA3669U-1M2G PA3670U-1M4G PA3677U-1M4G PA3918U-1M4G PA5037U-1M2G PA5037U-1M4G PA5037U-1M8G PA5104U-1M2G PA5104U-1M4G PA5104U-1M8G PA5282U-1M4G PA5282U-1M8G V000061780 V000100440
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