RM Laptop Batteries, Chargers and Adapters

Rechargeable Laptop Batteries, Mains AC Adapters, DC Car & Aircraft Power Adapters and more...

RM Laptops


Original Part Numbers

AL55 CL51-15 Minibook 1011PX Mobile One Mobile One 310 Mobile One 310 (H36YR) Mobile One 965 Mobile One V1 Mobile One V2 Mobile One Widescreen Mobile One Widescreen (T12AR) Mobile One Widescreen (T12ER) Mobile One Widescreen Plus NB14 NB310 NB320 nBook 100 nBook 100 (JFW91) nBook 150 nBook 150 (FL90) nBook 200 nBook 200 (KSW91) nBook 210 nBook 220 nBook 300 nBook 310 nBook 320 nBook 2500 nBook 2700 nBook 4000 nBook 4100 Nbook 4110 nBook 4150 NBook 4150 (EL81) nBook 4200 nBook 4200 (EL81 BB) nBook 4300 nBook 4300 (FL91) nBook 4400 NBook 4400 (JHL91) nBook 5000 nBook 6000 nBook 6100 nBook UIltraLight Mk II nBook UIltraLight Mk III nBook UIltraLight Mk IV nBook Ultralight I nBook Ultralight MK I nBook Ultralight MK II Nbook Ultralight MKI M5N Notebook 220 (E5125) NoteBook 310 Notebook 310 (W255HU) Notebook 320 (W255EUQ) T12AR Ultralight Mk II Ultralight Mk III Ultralight Mk IV Ultralight Mk IV (JFT00)
07G016U21865M 15G10N373910 1EV-256 1HS-984 1J1-587 1UM-159 1VB-739 1YX-669 A42-T12 BATEL80L6 NBP8A88(CH) T12L896
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