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LG Laptops


Original Part Numbers

22CV241-B 22EA53V 22EA53VA 22en33 22en43 22M35A 22M38A 22M38D 22M38H 22M47VQ 22MP55HQ 22MP58A 22MP58D 22MP58HQ 22MP58VQ 22MP58VQ-P 22MP65HQ 22MP65VQ-P 22MP67VQ 22MP68VQ 23M45H 23MP48HQ 23MP65HM 23MP67VQ-P 24EN43V-B 24EN43V-Q 24M35A 24M37D 24M37H 24M37HQ 24M38A 24M38D 24M38H 24M45HQ 24M45HQ-B 24M47H-P 24M47VQ-P 24MA53D 24MC37D 24MC57HQ 24MN33D 24MN43D 24MP48HQ 24MP55HA 24MP55HQ 24MP57D 24MP67HQ 24MS53 26MA33D 27EA33V 27EA53V 27MP65VQ 27MP65VQ-P 27UD69-W 27UD69P-W 29EA93 29LB4510 29UM65-P 29UM67 29UM67-P 29UM68 E210 E500 E510 E1948S E1948SX E2042TC E2242C E2242T E2242T-BN E2242T-PN E2242TBN E2242TC E2242TPN E2249 E2251VQ E2251VR E2351VZ F1 F1-2A3GY F1-2A4GY F1-2A24A F1-2A26A F1-2A27A F1-2A36A F1-2AE9G F1-2ARNV F1-2K25A9 F1-22PTV F1-23MMV F1-23PXV F1-222EG F1-224EG F1-225EG F1-225GY F1-226A F1-226EG F1-227EG F1-227GY F1-228EG F1-228GY F1-2224A F1-2225A9 F1-2235A9 F1-2245A9 F1-2255A9 F1-2324A F1-2325A F1 EXPRESS DUAL F1 PRO EXPRESS DUAL Flatron M2380DB-PC Flatron M2380DB-PZ IPS224V IPS234 IPS234V K1-223VG L710 L715 L720 L725 L7545 LG19EN33S LG19EN33S-B LG19EN33T LG19EN33V LG19EN43S LG19EN43T LG19M35A LG19M35D LG19M35D-B LG19M45A LG19M45D LG20EN33S LG20EN33T LG20EN33TS LG20EN33TS-B LG20EN33V LG20EN43S LG20EN43T LG20M35A LG20M35D LG20M35D-B LG20M45A LG20M45D LG22EA53T LG22EA53T-P LG22EA53V LG22EA63 LG22EA63T LG22EA63T-P LG22EA63V LG22EC33T LG22EC33T-B LG22EN33S LG22EN33T LG22EN33T-B LG22EN33V LG22EN43S LG22EN43T LG22EN43T-B LG22EN43V LG22M34D LG22M34D-B LG22M35A LG22M35D LG22M37A LG22M45A LG22M45D LG22MP57VQ LS50 NP-X60 P1 R410 R510 Tiger One W1947CY X110 X110 (White) X110-G A7HBG X110-L A7SBG
4UR18650F-QC-PL1A 4UR18650Y-QC-PL1 916C5870F 916C6110F 916C7010F 916C7030F 916C7100F 925C2240F B-5146 BTY-M52 BTY-S11 EUP-P3-3-22 EUP-P3-4-22 EUP-P5-1-22 LCB371 SQU-524 SQU-702 SQU-703 SQU-804 SQU-805 SW8-3S4400-B1B1
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