Fujitsu Siemens Laptop Batteries, Chargers and Adapters

Rechargeable Laptop Batteries, Mains AC Adapters, DC Car & Aircraft Power Adapters and more...

  • Original Part Numbers

    B-5141 B-5186 BP229 CP455627-01 CP477891-01 CP478214-XX CP516151-01 CP567717-01 CP641484-01 CP693003-03 CP700538-01 FBP0280 FMVA77MB FMVNBP149 FMVNBP150 FMVNBP184 FMVNBP186 FMVNBP195 FMVNBP213 FMVNBP219 FMVNBP227A FMVNBP229A FMVNBP231 FMVNBP233 FMVNBP234 FMVNBP235 FMVWMA2B77 FPB0297S FPB0307S FPCBP152 FPCBP152AP FPCBP163Z FPCBP164Z FPCBP229 FPCBP231 FPCBP250 FPCBP274 FPCBP323AP FPCBP331 FPCBP345Z FPCBP347AP FPCBP416 FPCBP424 FPCSP274 FUJ:CP240517-XX FUJ:CP477891-XX FUJ:CP478214-XX FUJ:CP515782-XX FUJ:CP516150-XX FUJ:CP567389-XX FUJ:CP567717-XX FUJ:CP700538-XX IVF:6027B0021103 IVF:6027B0028601 IVF:6027B0029301 IVF:6027B0036301 IVF:6027B0036501 IVF:6027B0049201 LCB610 LCB618 S26391-F480-L100 S26391-F495-L100 S26391-F5031-L400 S26391-F5031-L410 S26391-F545-B100 S26391-F545-E100 S26391-F545-L100 S26391-F6120-L470 S26391-F840-L100 S26393-E27-V474 SMP-EFS-SS-22E-06
  • Fujitsu Siemens Laptops

    ESPRIMO MOBILE V5515 ESPRIMO MOBILE V5535 ESPRIMO MOBILE V5555 ESPRIMO MOBILE V6515 ESPRIMO MOBILE V6545 ESPRIMO MOBILE V6555 FMV-B8220 FMV-B8250 FMV-BIBLO LOOX M/G30 FMV-TC8230 LifeBook A512 LifeBook A530 LifeBook A531 LifeBook A531S LifeBook A532 LifeBook A544 LifeBook A555 LifeBook A556 LifeBook A556/G LifeBook A3510 LifeBook AH77/M LifeBook AH77/S LifeBook AH502 LifeBook AH512 LifeBook AH530 LifeBook AH530 GFX LifeBook AH530 HD6 LifeBook AH531 LifeBook AH532 LifeBook AH532/GFX LifeBook AH562 LifeBook AH564 LifeBook B6110D LifeBook B6210 LifeBook B6220 LifeBook B6230 LifeBook BH531 LifeBook BH531LB LifeBook E733 LifeBook E734 LifeBook E743 LifeBook E744 LifeBook E753 LifeBook E754 LifeBook LH52/C LifeBook LH520 LifeBook LH530 LifeBook LH531 LifeBook LH701 LifeBook LH701A LifeBook MH380 LifeBook P 1610 LEVEL 1 PARTS LifeBook P1610 LifeBook P1620 LifeBook P1630 LifeBook PH521 LifeBook S904 LifeBook SH531 LifeBook SH904 LifeBook U536 LifeBook UH572 LifeBook UH572 Ultrabook UH572