Lenmar Digital Camera Batteries, Chargers and Adapters

Rechargeable Digital Camera Batteries, Chargers and more...

Lenmar Digital Cameras


Original Part Numbers

B-162 B-9559 B-9570 B-9576 B-9581 B-9583 B-9591 B-9592 B-9613 B-9615 B-9617 B-9618 B-9624 B-9628 B-9630 B-9636 B-9641 B-9664 B-9668 B-9673 B-9686 B-9692 B-9705 B-9714 B-9720 B-9729 DLC2L DLC2L12 DLC3L DLF-120 DLF120 DLF40 DLF60 DLF80 DLNEL1 DLNEL3 DLNEL5 DLO10B DLOM1 DLP602 DLPLI1 DLST1 DMKA2 DR9570 DR9581 DR9615 DR9618 DR9624 DR9630 DR9705 DRF60RES LIC2LI2 LIC511
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