Minolta Camcorder Batteries, Chargers and Adapters

Rechargeable Camcorder Batteries, Chargers and more...

Minolta Camcorders


Original Part Numbers

8-308 8-308E 8-378 8-378E 8-406 8-406E 8-408 8-418 8-418E 8-428 8-428E 8-438 8-761C 8-762C 8-778 8-808 8-808E 8-832 8-838 8-842 8-848 8-852 8-862 8-863S 8-864S 8-878 8-918 C-2 C-50 C-51 C-60 C-406E C-408 C-503 C-512 C-513 C-516 C-516E C-518 C-522 C-532 C-538 C-542 C-550 C-552 C-560 C-560C C-561 C-562CL C-563CLS C-570 C-606 C-606E C-618 C-618E C-660 C-660E C-808 C-912 Capios 115S Capios 125S Capios 150S CV-561 CX-65 EX-1 Hi8 848E Master 8-308 Master 8-378 Master 8-406 Master 8-418 Master 8-428 Master 8-761C Master 8-762CS Master 8-778 Master 8-808 Master 8-832 Master 8-842 Master 8-852 Master 8-862 Master 8-863S Master 8-864CS Master C-550 Master C-560 Master C-606 Master C-3400 PRO 8-918 V-700
123A B-262 B-951 B-9741 B-984 B-997 B-9971 BP-3001 CVP-16 DR10RES DR11RES EPP-109 VBP-400 VBP-401 VBP-410 VBP-500 VBP-501 VBP-600 VBP-601 VBP-630
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