Hitachi Camcorder Batteries, Chargers and Adapters

Rechargeable Camcorder Batteries, Chargers and more...

Hitachi Camcorders


Original Part Numbers

DZ-BD7H DZ-BD7HA DZ-BD7HE DZ-BD9H DZ-BD10H DZ-BD70 DZ-BD70A DZ-BD70E DZ-BX35 DZ-BX35A DZ-BX35E DZ-BX37E DZ-GX20 DZ-GX20A DZ-GX20E DZ-GX25 DZ-GX25M DZ-GX3000 DZ-GX3100 DZ-GX3100A DZ-GX3100E DZ-GX3200 DZ-GX3200A DZ-GX3200E DZ-GX3300 DZ-GX3300(B) DZ-GX3300(S) DZ-GX3300A DZ-GX3300E DZ-GX5000 DZ-GX5000A DZ-GX5020 DZ-GX5020A DZ-GX5020E DZ-GX5060 DZ-GX5060SW DZ-GX5080A DZ-GX5100 DZ-GX5100E DZ-GX5100SW DZ-GX5300 DZ-GXGX20 DZ-HD90 DZ-HS DZ-HS300 DZ-HS300A DZ-HS300E DZ-HS301 DZ-HS301E DZ-HS301SW DZ-HS303 DZ-HS303A DZ-HS303E DZ-HS303SW DZ-HS401 DZ-HS403 DZ-HS500A DZ-HS500E DZ-HS500SW DZ-HS501E DZ-HS503 DZ-HS803 DZ-HS903 DZ-HS903A DZ-M5000V5 DZ-M7000V5 DZ-M8000V6 DZ-MV350 DZ-MV350A DZ-MV350E DZ-MV380 DZ-MV380A DZ-MV380E DZ-MV550 DZ-MV550A DZ-MV550E DZ-MV580 DZ-MV580A DZ-MV580E DZ-MV730 DZ-MV730A DZ-MV730E DZ-MV750 DZ-MV750A DZ-MV750E DZ-MV750MA DZ-MV780 DZ-MV780A DZ-MV780E DZ-MV780R DZ-MV780S E10 E15 H37 P108 SP1 SP1E VEEA6 VM-57A VM-81A VM-645LA VM-825LA VM-945LA VM-2400E VM-BP82G VM-C40E VM-D865LA VM-D965LA VM-E2AA VM-E8E VM-E10 VM-E10A VM-E10E VM-E15 VM-E15A VM-E15E VM-E16E VM-E18A VM-E21 VM-E21E VM-E22A VM-E22E VM-E23 VM-E23A VM-E23E VM-E25 VM-E25A VM-E25E VM-E29 VM-E29E VM-E31 VM-E31E VM-E44 VM-E52A VM-E53A VM-E53E VM-E54A VM-E54E VM-E55A VM-E56A VM-E57A VM-E58A VM-E71A VM-E81A VM-E110A VM-E120E VM-E130A VM-E220A VM-E230A VM-E310 VM-E310A VM-E340A VM-E350A VM-E410A VM-E420 VM-E455LA VM-E510 VM-E510A VM-E520A VM-E521A VM-E521AC VM-E530A VM-E535LA VM-E540A VM-E545LA VM-E555 VM-E565 VM-E620A VM-E625LA VM-E635LA VM-E645LA VM-E710A VM-E835LA VM-H10 VM-H18 VM-H18A VM-H25E VM-H37 VM-H37E VM-H38 VM-H38A VM-H38E VM-H39 VM-H39A VM-H39E VM-H53E VM-H57A VM-H57E VM-H58 VM-H59A VM-H70A VM-H91E VM-H100LA VM-H184 VM-H520 VM-H620A VM-H625 VM-H635A VM-H640A VM-H650 VM-H650A VM-H655LA VM-H710A VM-H720A VM-H725A VM-H725LA VM-H725U VM-H755 VM-H755LA VM-H765LA VM-H825 VM-H825LA VM-H835LA VM-H845LA VM-H855LA VM-H945LA VM-H955LA VM-H1000 VM-SP1A VM8300ES VMBP82 VMBP83 VMBP83 (Extra capacity) VME8 VME10E VME15E VME16E VME18A VME21E VME22 VME23E VME25E VME26 VME29E VME31 VME31E VME38 VME51 VME54E VME57E VME58E VME110E VME210E VME220E VME228E VME230E VME310E VME410E VME420E VME535E VMH18E VMH25E VMH37E VMH38E VMH39E VMH53E VMH57E VMH58E VMH59E VMH100 VMH510E VMH520E VMH610E VMH620E VMH710E VMH3875 VMSP1E
B-9607 B-9608 B-9609 B-987 B-997 B-9971 BM-BP82G BP-83 DR9607 DR9608 DR9609 DZ-BP07S DZ-BP14SW DZBP14S DZBP7S VM-BP13 VM-BP82 VM-BP83 VM-BP84A VM-BPL13 VM-BPL13A VM-BPL30 VMBP82 VMBP82A VMBP82G VMBP83 VMBP84 VMBP84A VMBPL13A VMBPL30A VW-BPL13
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