APC SmartUPS 2200RMI3U Battery

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SmartUPS 2200RMI3U Battery


SmartUPS 2200RMI3U Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery

  • Capacity: 7000mAh
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    2-Power This is a 2-Power branded product.

    Guaranteed to meet or exceed the original manufacturer's specifications for the SmartUPS 2200RMI3U Internal Battery.

    Compatible RBC12 UPS Battery (8 x 12v 7Ah batteries in two rows of four, connected by cable harnesses


    PSA VPN VP-EP3K3R (• what's this?)
    Warranty 1 Year
    Function battery performs UPS , Battery to power UPS
    Battery Chemistry Lead acid , Rechargable battery used in high power applications (e.g. UPS)
    Voltage 12 V
    Capacity 7000 mAh
    Watt hours 84 Wh
    Weight 21750 g
    Dimensions 260 mm x 150 mm x 95 mm
    Shape Rectangular
    Charger Battery Ports 0
    Brand Name This is a 2-Power branded product.