DL2025 DL2025 Coin Cell Battery

DL2025 Coin Cell Battery


DL2025 Coin Cell Battery

  • This is a non-rechargeable battery.
    £1.54 ex VAT
    £1.85 inc VAT GBP2.29 RRP

    Duracell This is a Duracell branded product.

    Duracell Specialist Electronic Battery suitable for calculators, cameras and electronic devices.3 Volts Lithium chemistry battery.Long lasting power.

    Ideal for calculators3 Volts lithium chemistryLong lasting power


    PSA PNo: DL2025
    Function battery performs General , General purpose battery with many applications
    Battery Chemistry Lithium , High power, non-rechargable
    Voltage 3.0 V
    Weight 11 g
    Dimensions 20 mm x 20 mm x 3 mm
    Shape Button
    Brand Name This is a Duracell branded product.

    Genuine Duracell Product

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