Lenovo ThinkStation Server Memory

Original and 2-POWER matched memory for over 1200 different servers. Order from our generic range of popular sizes and speeds or select your server model from the list below for a guaranteed matched memory upgrade for your device.

Lenovo Server Memories


Original Part Numbers

ThinkStation C20 4263 ThinkStation C20 4265 ThinkStation C20x 4269 ThinkStation C30 1095 ThinkStation C30 1097 ThinkStation C30 1136 ThinkStation C30 1137 ThinkStation D20 4155 ThinkStation D20 4158 ThinkStation D30 4223 ThinkStation D30 4229 ThinkStation D30 4353 ThinkStation D30 4354 ThinkStation E20 4220 ThinkStation E20 4222 ThinkStation E30 7783 ThinkStation E30 7824 ThinkStation E31 2552 ThinkStation E31 2553 ThinkStation E31 2555 ThinkStation E31 3690 ThinkStation E31 3695 ThinkStation E32 30A0 ThinkStation E32 30A1 ThinkStation E32 30A2 ThinkStation E32 30A3 ThinkStation P300 30AG ThinkStation P300 30AH ThinkStation P300 30AJ ThinkStation P300 30AK ThinkStation P310 30AS ThinkStation P310 30AT ThinkStation P310 30AU ThinkStation P310 30AV ThinkStation P320 30BG ThinkStation P320 30BH ThinkStation P320 30BJ ThinkStation P320 30BK ThinkStation P330 (2nd Gen) 30CY ThinkStation P330 (2nd Gen) 30D0 ThinkStation P330 (2nd Gen) 30D1 ThinkStation P330 30C5 ThinkStation P330 30C6 ThinkStation P330 30C7 ThinkStation P330 30C8 ThinkStation P330 30C9 ThinkStation P410 30B3 ThinkStation P500 30A6 ThinkStation P500 30A7 ThinkStation P510 30B5 ThinkStation P520 30BE ThinkStation P520 30BF ThinkStation P520c 30BX ThinkStation P520c 30BY ThinkStation P700 30A8 ThinkStation P700 30A9 ThinkStation P710 30B6 ThinkStation P710 30B7 ThinkStation P720 30BA ThinkStation P720 30BB ThinkStation P900 30A4 ThinkStation P900 30A5 ThinkStation P910 30B8 ThinkStation P910 30B9 ThinkStation P920 30BC ThinkStation P920 30BD ThinkStation S20 4105 ThinkStation S20 4157 ThinkStation S20 4217 ThinkStation S30 0568 ThinkStation S30 0569 ThinkStation S30 0606 ThinkStation S30 4351 ThinkStation S30 4352
01AG824 01AG837 01AG864 03T6566 03T6567 03T6580 03T7219 03T8261 03T8262 03T8398 03T8408 03T8410 03T8411 03T8429 03T8431 03T8433 03T8435 03T8436 03X3813 03X4325 03X4378 0A36527 0A65729 0A65730 0A65733 0C19534 22P9272 41U2977 41U2978 44T1599 46C7453 46R3323 46W0833 49Y1379 49Y1397 49Y1563 4X70G78061 4X70G88320 4X70K09920 4X70K09921 4X70M41717 4X70M60571 4X70P98201 4X70P98202 4X70R38786 4X70R38787 4X70R38788 57Y4138 64Y6649 73P4984 73P4985 89Y9224 90Y3109
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