NEC Laptop Batteries, Chargers and Adapters

Rechargeable Laptop Batteries, Mains AC Adapters, DC Car & Aircraft Power Adapters and more...

NEC Laptops


Original Part Numbers

Lavie PC-LL750AD Lavie PC-LL770AD Lavie PC-LL900AD Lavie PC-LL7509D Lavie PC-LL7709DT Lavie PC-LL9009D Lavie PC-LL9709D MS2103 P8100 Ready 440T Versa 500 Versa 550 Versa 550D Versa 2400 Versa 2400CD Versa 2405 Versa 2405CD Versa 2430 Versa 2430CD Versa 2435C Versa 2435CD Versa 2500 Versa 2500CD Versa 2505 Versa 2530 Versa 2600 Versa 2630CD Versa 2635CD Versa 2650 Versa 2650CDT Versa 2655CD Versa 2655CDT Versa 5000 Versa 5060 Versa 5060X Versa 5080 Versa 5080X Versa Aptitude Versa AX Versa C140 Versa C150 Versa C200 Versa E600 Versa E680 Versa E6000X Versa FM500 Versa L320 Versa LX Versa LXI Versa M300 Versa M320 Versa M500 Versa M540 Versa Note VXi Versa P440 Versa P7200 Versa P8100 Versa Premium Versa Premium 7521N Versa Pro VY13M/RF-R Versa S260 Versa S940 VERSA S970 Versa SX Versa SXI Versa VX Versa VXI VersaNote VersaPro VY13M/RF-R VersaPro VY13M/RX-R VersaPro VY16F/RF-R VersaPro VY16F/RX-R VersaPro VY18F/RF-R
3CGR18650A3-MSL 441681700001 442677000001 442682800002 AP.A000084900 BP-8050 BP-8089 BP8050 OP-570-76620-01 PC-LL770AD PC-LL9009D PC-LL9709D PC-VP-WP66-01
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