Lenovo Ideapad Laptop Batteries, Chargers and Adapters

Rechargeable Laptop Batteries, Mains AC Adapters, DC Car & Aircraft Power Adapters and more...

Lenovo Laptops


Original Part Numbers

Ideapad 110 Ideapad 110-15 Ideapad 110-15ISK Ideapad 110-15ISK 80UD Ideapad 300s Ideapad 300s-14ISK Ideapad 305 14IBD 80R1 Ideapad 305 15ABM 80NL Ideapad 305 15IBD 80NJ Ideapad 305 15IBY 80NK Ideapad 305 15IHW 80NH Ideapad 310S-14 Ideapad 310S-14ISK Ideapad 500-15ISK Ideapad 2958-9PU Ideapad 29589PU Ideapad B40-30 Ideapad B40-45 Ideapad B50 Ideapad B50-30 Ideapad B50-30 Touch Ideapad B50-45 Ideapad B50-70 Ideapad B50-80 Ideapad B51 Ideapad B51-30 Ideapad B51-35 Ideapad B51-80 Ideapad B460 Ideapad B470 Ideapad B470A Ideapad B470EL-BEI Ideapad B470G Ideapad B475 Ideapad B475A Ideapad B480 Ideapad B560 Ideapad B570 Ideapad B570A Ideapad B570G Ideapad B580 Ideapad B585 Ideapad E43 Ideapad E43A Ideapad E43G Ideapad E43L Ideapad E46 Ideapad E46A Ideapad E46G Ideapad E46L Ideapad E51-80 Ideapad E120 Ideapad E125 Ideapad E320 Ideapad E325 Ideapad Flex 14 Ideapad Flex 14AP Ideapad Flex 14AT Ideapad Flex 14D Ideapad Flex 14M Ideapad Flex 15 Ideapad Flex 15AP Ideapad Flex 15AT Ideapad Flex 15D Ideapad Flex 15M Ideapad G50-45 Ideapad G50-70 Ideapad G50-70A Ideapad G400S Ideapad G400S Touch Ideapad G405S Ideapad G405S Touch Ideapad G410S Ideapad G410S Touch Ideapad G430 Ideapad G430 20003 Ideapad G460 Ideapad G460 0677 Ideapad G460 06779UU Ideapad G460 06779XU Ideapad G460 20041 Ideapad G460A Ideapad G460A-IFI Ideapad G460A-ITH Ideapad G460AL Ideapad G460E Ideapad G460G Ideapad G460L Ideapad G460L-IFI Ideapad G465 Ideapad G465A Ideapad G470 Ideapad G470A Ideapad G470AH Ideapad G470AX-ITH Ideapad G470G Ideapad G470GH Ideapad G470GL-BEI Ideapad G475 Ideapad G475A Ideapad G475AX-EFO Ideapad G475AX-ETH Ideapad G475E Ideapad G475G Ideapad G475L Ideapad G500s Ideapad G500S Touch Ideapad G505S Ideapad G505S Touch Ideapad G510S Ideapad G510S Touch Ideapad G560 Ideapad G560 0679 Ideapad G560 M278ZUK Ideapad G560 M2792UK Ideapad G560A Ideapad G560E Ideapad G560G Ideapad G560L Ideapad G565 Ideapad G565A Ideapad G565G Ideapad G565L Ideapad G570 Ideapad G570A Ideapad G570AH Ideapad G570E Ideapad G570G Ideapad G575 Ideapad G575A Ideapad G575E Ideapad G575G Ideapad G575L Ideapad G575M Ideapad G770 Ideapad G770A Ideapad G770AH Ideapad G770E Ideapad G770L Ideapad G780 Ideapad G780-ISE Ideapad K43 Ideapad K43A Ideapad K43G Ideapad K43P Ideapad K43S Ideapad K46 Ideapad K46A Ideapad L50-70 Ideapad M490 Ideapad M580 Ideapad M4400 Ideapad M4400A Ideapad M4450 Ideapad M4450A Ideapad N40 Ideapad N40-30 Ideapad N40-45 Ideapad N40-70 Ideapad N50 Ideapad N50-30 Ideapad N50-45 Ideapad N50-70 Ideapad P500 Ideapad P500 Touch Ideapad S9 Ideapad S9e Ideapad S9e 4187 Ideapad S10 Ideapad S10-3 Ideapad S10-3 0647 Ideapad S10-3 0647EBV Ideapad S10-3 0647EFV Ideapad S10-3 06474CU Ideapad S10-3 20039 Ideapad S10-3 045096 Ideapad S10-3 064735U Ideapad S10-3 064737U Ideapad S10-3 064738U Ideapad S10-3 064746U Ideapad S10-3 064752M Ideapad S10-3 064757M Ideapad S10-3 064759M Ideapad S10-3 M33D3UK Ideapad S10-3s Ideapad S10-3s 0703EEV Ideapad S10-3t Ideapad S10-3t 0651 Ideapad S10-3t 06517HU Ideapad S10 4231 Ideapad S10 20015 Ideapad S10C Ideapad S10e Ideapad S10e 4068 Ideapad S10e 4187 Ideapad S12 Ideapad S12 2959 Ideapad S12 20021 Ideapad S205 Ideapad S300 Ideapad S310 Ideapad S310 Touch Ideapad S400 Ideapad S400 Touch Ideapad S400U Ideapad S405 Ideapad S410 Ideapad S410P Ideapad S410P Touch Ideapad S415 Ideapad S415 Touch Ideapad S500 Ideapad S500 Touch Ideapad S510p Ideapad S510p 80BN Ideapad S510p Touch Ideapad U41-70 Ideapad U160 Ideapad U165 Ideapad U165-AON Ideapad U165-ATH Ideapad U310 Ideapad U510 Ideapad V110 Ideapad V110-15AST Ideapad V110-15IAP Ideapad V110-15ISK Ideapad V310-14-15ISK Ideapad V310-15ISK Ideapad v360 Ideapad V360A Ideapad V360G Ideapad V370 Ideapad V370A Ideapad V370G Ideapad V370P Ideapad V460 Ideapad V460A-IFI(A) Ideapad V460A-IFI(H) Ideapad V460A-IFI(T) Ideapad V460A-ISE Ideapad V460A-ITH Ideapad V460A-ITH(A) Ideapad V460A-ITH(T) Ideapad V460A-PSI(H) Ideapad V470 Ideapad V470A Ideapad V470A-IFI Ideapad V470AT-IFI Ideapad V470C Ideapad V470CA-IFI Ideapad V470CA-ITH Ideapad V470G Ideapad V470P Ideapad V480 Ideapad V480c Ideapad V480s Ideapad V480u Ideapad V560 Ideapad V560-43422GU Ideapad V580 Ideapad V580 Series Ideapad V580c Ideapad V4400 Ideapad V4400A Ideapad X121E Ideapad Y310 Ideapad Y330 Ideapad Y330A Ideapad Y330G Ideapad Y400 Ideapad Y400N Ideapad Y400P Ideapad Y410 Ideapad Y410N Ideapad Y410P Ideapad Y460 Ideapad Y460 063334U Ideapad Y460 063335U Ideapad Y460 063346U Ideapad Y460 063347U Ideapad Y460A Ideapad Y460AT Ideapad Y460P Ideapad Y470 Ideapad Y470A Ideapad Y470D Ideapad Y470G Ideapad Y470M Ideapad Y470N Ideapad Y470P Ideapad Y480A Ideapad Y480A-ISE Ideapad Y480M Ideapad Y480M-IFI Ideapad Y480P Ideapad Y490 Ideapad Y490A Ideapad Y490M Ideapad Y490N Ideapad Y490P Ideapad Y500 Ideapad Y500N Ideapad Y500P Ideapad Y510N Ideapad Y510P Ideapad Y560 Ideapad Y560D Ideapad Y560P Ideapad Y570 Ideapad Y570A Ideapad Y570D Ideapad Y570M Ideapad Y570N Ideapad Y570NT Ideapad Y570P Ideapad Y580 Ideapad Y580A Ideapad Y580M Ideapad Y580N Ideapad Y580P Ideapad Y590 Ideapad Y590N Ideapad Y590P Ideapad Y700 Ideapad Y700-15ISK Ideapad Yoga 2 Pro Ideapad Yoga 2 Pro 13 Ideapad Yoga 700-14ISK 80QD Ideapad Yoga 710-14IKB 80V4 Ideapad Yoga 710-14ISK 80TY Ideapad Yoga 710-15IKB 80V5 Ideapad Yoga 710-15ISK 80U0 Ideapad Z40-70 Ideapad Z360 Ideapad Z360-091232U Ideapad Z360-091233U Ideapad Z360A-ITH Ideapad Z360A-PSI Ideapad Z370 Ideapad Z370A Ideapad Z370A-BNI Ideapad Z370AT-ITH Ideapad Z370G Ideapad Z370G-ITH Ideapad Z400 Ideapad Z400 Touch Ideapad Z400A Ideapad Z460 Ideapad Z460A Ideapad Z460G Ideapad Z460M Ideapad Z465 Ideapad Z465A Ideapad Z465A-NEI Ideapad Z465A-NNI Ideapad Z465A-PNI Ideapad Z465A-PTH Ideapad Z465G Ideapad Z470 Ideapad Z470A Ideapad Z470A-BNI Ideapad Z470A-IFI Ideapad Z470A-ITH Ideapad Z470G Ideapad Z475 Ideapad Z500 Ideapad Z500 Touch Ideapad Z510 Ideapad Z560 Ideapad Z560 09143YU Ideapad Z560A Ideapad Z560G Ideapad Z560M Ideapad Z565 Ideapad Z565-43113LU Ideapad Z565A Ideapad Z565G Ideapad Z570 Ideapad Z570A Ideapad Z570A-BNI Ideapad Z570A-IFI Ideapad Z570A-ITH Ideapad Z575 Ideapad Z710
00HW002 00HW003 00HW020 00HW022 00HW023 00HW025 00HW029 00HW042 00HW043 00NY486 00NY487 00NY489 00NY490 00NY491 00NY493 00WH036 00WH037 01AV406 01AV407 01AV408 01AV409 01AV410 01AV419 01AV420 01AV422 01AV423 01AV424 01AV425 01AV426 01AV427 01AV428 01AV429 01AV430 01AV431 01AV433 01AV434 01AV435 01AV436 01AV438 01AV439 01AV440 01AV441 01AV444 01AV446 01AV447 01AV448 01AV452 01AV457 01AV459 01AV460 01AV470 01AV472 01AV482 01AV483 01AV489 01AV490 01AV492 08K8192 0A36282 0A36285 0A36286 0A36287 0A36290 0A36292 0A36302 0A36306 0C52861 0C52862 0C52863 121000927 121000929 121000938 121001056 121001071 121001091 121001094 121001095B470 121001096 121001097 121500042 121500047 121500049 121500058 121500070 121500076 121500082 121500104 121500143 121500146 121500147 121500148 121500156 121500158 121500165 121500171 121500172 121500173 121500174 121500191 121500242 121500243 121500244 121500250 121500264 121500267 121TS040C 3ICP7/38/65 3INR19/66-2 40Y6795 40Y6799 41U3196 41U3197 41U3198 42T4235 42T4511 42T4518 42T4519 42T4522 42T4523 42T4530 42T4532 42T4533 42T4534 42T4536 42T4537 42T4538 42T4540 42T4542 42T4544 42T4545 42T4548 42T4552 42T4553 42T4560 42T4561 42T4585 42T4586 42T4589 42T4590 42T4619 42T4620 42T4645 42T4646 42T4649 42T4651 42T4652 42T4653 42T4656 42T4670 42T4671 42T4677 42T4682 42T4683 42T4688 42T4689 42T4690 42T4691 42T4695 42T4702 42T4703 42T4704 42T4708 42T4710 42T4712 42T4714 42T4723 42T4725 42T4726 42T4728 42T4729 42T4730 42T4731 42T4733 42T4735 42T4737 42T4751 42T4752 42T4753 42T4754 42T4755 42T4756 42T4757 42T4763 42T4765 42T4790 42T4791 42T4793 42T4795 42T4796 42T4797 42T4799 42T4801 42T4802 42T4803 42T4804 42T4805 42T4806 42T4807 42T4812 42T4813 42T4815 42T4817 42T4819 42T4821 42T4832 42T4833 42T4835 42T4837 42T4845 42T4846 42T4847 42T4852 42T4857 42T4858 42T4861 42T4862 42T4863 42T4865 42T4868 42T4873 42T4875 42T4877 42T4877L 42T4879 42T4880 42T4881 42T4882 42T4899 42T4901 42T4912 42T4928 42T4929 42T4940 42T4942 42T4943 42T4945 42T4946 42T4947 42T4948 42T4949 42T4951 42T4959 42T4961 42T4975 42T4979 42T5225 42T5226 42T5227 42T5228 42T5229 42T5230 42T5232 42T5233 42T5235 42T5239 42T5246 42T5262 42T5264 42T5265 42Y4864 43R1955 43R1965 43R1967 43R2499 43R9252 43R9253 43R9254 43R9255 45K1274 45K1275 45K2177 45K2178 45N0122 45N1001 45N1003 45N1005 45N1006 45N1007 45N1009 45N1011 45N1012 45N1013 45N1015 45N1018 45N1019 45N1020 45N1022 45N1023 45N1024 45N1026 45N1027 45N1031 45N1042 45N1043 45N1045 45N1047 45N1048 45N1049 45N1052 45N1053 45N1054 45N1055 45N1057 45N1071 45N1088 45N1089 45N1090 45N1091 45N1108 45N1109 45N1110 45N1111 45N1112 45N1113 45N1124 45N1125 45N1126 45N1127 45N1128 45N1129 45N1130 45N1132 45N1134 45N1135 45N1136 45N1137 45N1138 45N1139 45N1141 45N1144 45N1145 45N1147 45N1149 45N1151 45N1153 45N1160 45N1161 45N1163 45N1170 45N1172 45N1173 45N1175 45N1182 45N1184 45N1185 45N1700 45N1701 45N1702 45N1703 45N1707 45N1708 45N1709 45N1710 45N1734 45N1735 45N1736 45N1737 45N1738 45N1741 45N1742 45N1743 45N1748 45N1749 45N1750 45N1751 45N1754 45N1755 45N1756 45N1757 45N1759 45N1760 45N1761 45N1763 45N1767 45N1769 45N1773 45N1775 45N1777 45N4043 4ICR17/65 4ICR19/66 4X50G59217 4X50K14089 4X50K14091 51J0226 51J039 51J0398 51J0399 51J0497 51J0499 57Y4185 57Y4186 57Y4564 57Y4565 57Y6266 57Y6440 57Y6442 57Y6446 57Y6448 57Y6450 57Y6454 57Y6455 57Y6527 57Y6528 57Y6567 57Y6625 57Y6626 5B10G75095 5B10G84689 5B10H09630 5B10H09632 5B10H15335 5B10H15336 5B10H22084 5B10H22085 5B10H22086 5B10K10151 5B10K10153 5B10K10161 5B10K10175 5B10K10178 5B10K10191 5B10K10195 5B10K10199 5B10K10206 5B10K10211 5B10K10219 5B10K10222 5B10K10224 5B10K10226 5B10K10238 5B10K10240 5B10K90778 5B10K90802 5B10L04161 5B10L04163 5B10L04164 5B10L04165 5B10L04212 5B10L04214 5B10R32998 5B10W13888 5B10W13889 5B10W13890 91P1137 92P1069 92P1073 92P1093 92P1094 92P1102 92P1127 92P1128 92P1129 92P1131 92P1134 92P1139 B-5028 B-5028H B-5036 B-5047 B-5047H B-5053 B-5053L B-5056 B-5066 B-5077H B-5080 B-5115 B-5125 B-5130 B-5157 B-5167 B-5169 B-5177H B-5184 B-5185 B-5685 B-5793 B-5877 BATIGT30L6 G505S L06L6Y02 L08L6C02 L08L6D11 L08L6Y02 L08M6D23 L08M6D24 L08N6Y02 L08O6C02 L08S3B21 L08S6C02 L08S6C21 L08S6D02 L08S6Y02 L09C6Y02 L09L6D16 L09L6Y02 L09M3Z14 L09M6D21 L09M6Y02 L09M6Y14 L09M6Y23 L09M6Z14 L09M8D21 L09N6D16 L09N6Y02 L09S3Z14 L09S6Y02 L09S6Y14 L09S8L09 L10C6Y02 L10M6F21 L10N6Y01 L10N6Y02 L10P6F01 L10P6F21 L10P6Y21 L10P6Y22 L10S6F01 L10S6Y01 L11L6F01 L11L6R01 L11L6R02 L11L6Y01 L11M3P01 L11M3P02 L11M4P13 L11M6Y01 L11N3P51 L11N6R01 L11N6Y01 L11P6R01 L11S6F01 L11S6R01 L11S6Y01 L12L4A01 L12L4A02 L12L4E01 L12L4E55 L12L4K01 L12L4K51 L12L6E01 L12M4A01 L12M4A02 L12M4E01 L12M4E21 L12M4E51 L12M4K01 L12M4K51 L12M4P21 L12S4A01 L12S4A02 L12S4E01 L12S4E21 L12S4E51 L12S4F01 L12S4K01 L12S4K51 L12S4L01 L12S4Z01 L12S6A01 L12S6E01 L13C4P01 L13L4A01 L13L4P01 L13M4A01 L13M4P02 L13M4P71 L13M6P71 L13S4A01 L13S6P71 L14C4E01 L14D2P31 L14L4A01 L14M2P21 L14M2P22 L14M2P24 L14M4P23 L14M4P7 L14M4P72 L14S2P21 L14S2P22 L14S4P22 L14S4P71 L14S4P72 L15C3A01 L15C4A02 L15C4E01 L15D3A01 L15L3A01 L15L3A02 L15L4A02 L15L4PC2 L15M4PC2 L15S3A01 L15S4A02 L17L3P51 L17M2PB3 LCB347 LCB379 LCB440 LCB442 LCB447 LCB457 LCB498 LCB499 LCB506 LCB507 LCB508 LCB510 LCB535 LCB566 LCB597 LCB600 LCB609 LN-T430X6 LO8S6D11 LO9L6Y02 LO9S6Y02 PP22AT140Q-1 SB10F46458 SB10F46463 SB10F46466 SB10F46467 SB10H45073 SB10H45075 SB10H45076 SB10H45077 SB10H45078 SB10K97566 SB10K97567 SB10K97579 SB10K97581 SB10K97582 SB10K97584 SB10K97585 SB10K97597 SB10K97606 SB10K97625 SBB0A06182 SBB0P99316
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