Clevo Laptop Batteries, Chargers and Adapters

Rechargeable Laptop Batteries, Mains AC Adapters, DC Car & Aircraft Power Adapters and more...

Clevo Laptops


Original Part Numbers

66 82h 86 86A 86CE 96 96H 98 202S 260 290 573 660 665 862 863 870 873 875 980 982 982A 982G 6100 6200 6200A 6200M 6300 6400 6400A 6400M 7200 7200T 7600 7800 9820 Aquado M1519 B4100M B4105 B5100M B5130M B7110M B7130M C4100 C4500 C4500Q C4501 C4505 C5100Q C5105 C5500Q C5500QC C5505 C5505C FM86D FM86T FMA86D FMA86T M660 M660N M661 M665 M665N Model 98 Model 573 Model 862 Model 862 (dumb) Model 862 (smart) Model 6100 Model 6200 Model 6200A Model 6200M Model 6400 Model 6400A Model 6400M Multimedia 98 Multimedia Model 98 Nexoc B509II Notebook(86CE) PortaNote 980 PortaNote 982 PortaNote 982A PortaNote 982G W150 W150DAQ W150HM W150HNM W150HNQ W150HRM W150HRQ W155EU W155U W170HN W170HR W230ST W540 W540EU W540S W540SU W545EU W550 W550EU W550SU W550SU1 W550SU2 W550TU W551SU1 W650EH W650S W650SF W650SH W650SJ W650SR W650SZ W655SZ W670SJQ W670SZQ1
6-87-C480S-4P4 6-87-W540S-427 6-87-W540S-4271 6-87-W540S-4U4 6-87-W540S-4W41 6-87-W540S-4W42 6-87-W650S-4D7A2 6-87-W650S-4E7 C4500BAT-6 DR202 DR202S EMC36 M660BAT-6 ME202BB NJ1020 W240BAT-6 W540BAT-6 W650BAT-6
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