Averatec Laptop Batteries, Chargers and Adapters

Rechargeable Laptop Batteries, Mains AC Adapters, DC Car & Aircraft Power Adapters and more...

Averatec Laptops


Original Part Numbers

1000 1000E 1020 1020-ED1 1020ED 1020ED1 1050 1050-EB1 1050-EU1 1050EB 1050EB1 1050EU 1050EU1 2260 3150HW 3260 3260GE 3260KX 3265 3265EH 3270 3270EE 3270EH 3280 3500 3500T 3700 3715EDI 3800 4100 4200 5110 5110H 5110HX 5110P 6100A 6200 AV1020-ED1 AV1020ED1 AV1050-EB1 AV1050-EU1 AV1050EB1 AV1050EU1 AV3100 AV3120V AV3150H AV3150HS AV3150P AV3200 AV3220H1 AV3225HS AV3250H1 AV3250HS AV3250HX AV3250PX AV3255P1 AV3270-EH1 AV3270EH1 AV3300 AV3360-EG1 AV3360-EH1 AV3500T60 AV3500T60-01 AV3500T80-01 AV4155-EH1 AV5500 AV6110 AV6200H60 AV6210X60 AV6235 AV6240 C3500 C3500T SA20053-01 SL3150HD-01
21-92310-01 B-5939 SA20053-01
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