Vivitar ViviCam E128 Battery

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 ViviCam E128 Battery

ViviCam E128 Ultra Rechargeable AAA 850mAh - 4 Pack

  • Capacity: 900mAh
  • Battery Type: AAA
  • : Duracell Rechargeable
  • : 4
  • : Multi-Purpose
  • Warranty: 60
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    £8.41 ex VAT
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    • Supplied ready to use
    • Stay charged for over one year
    • Environmentally friendly

    Duracell Duracell branded product.

    Guaranteed to meet or exceed the original manufacturer's specifications for the ViviCam E128 Multipurpose Battery.

    PreCharged batteries have very low self-discharge, the same as normal Alkaline batteries. That is why the batteries in this package are ready for use when taken out of the pack. They are pre-charged and and ready for use even after 1 year in the pack, they are still ready for use!

    PreCharged batteries can be charged 1000 times. Which is great for the environment and your pocket.

    Duracell's DURALOCK technology means these batteries are guaranteed to stay powered for up to 5 years* when not being used. This huge leap forward in battery technology has been made possible by improvements in the purity of ingredients and upgrades to the construction of the battery cell meaning less power is lost when in storage.


    PSA VPN VP-QN4NRJ (• what's this?)
    Warranty 5 Years
    Function battery performs General , General purpose battery with many applications
    Battery Chemistry NiMH , Newer type of rechargable
    Voltage 1.2 V
    Capacity 900 mAh
    Watt hours 1 Wh
    Weight 52 g
    Dimensions 118 mm x 84 mm x 11 mm
    Shape Cylindrical
    Charger Battery Ports 0
    Brand Name Duracell branded product.

    New generation technology
    Batteries stay charged for longer, helping you to recharge less often. Ideal for wireless mice, torches, remote control