Duracell Digital Camera Batteries, Chargers and Adapters

Rechargeable Digital Camera Batteries, Chargers and more...

  • Original Part Numbers

    1028 1131SOP 1138SO 116550 1175SO 1176A 1176SO 1181A 1203 123 13A 1412A 14A 157 15A 1604A 164 171 17335 177 186 186-1 189 189-1 192 194 195 23A 23AE 24A 25A 27A-C1 280-15 280-205 280-206 280-209 2CR11108 301A 303 3336 357 357/303 364 370 371 377 384 386A 387 389 390 392 394 395 399 3LR12 3LR50 3R12 4018 4901 4LR61 5000LC 5003LC 5004LC 5018LC 5029LC 5046LC 539 625 6LR61 810 8LR23 8LR50 8LR932 910A A23 A27 A76 AAA AAAA AG1 AG10 AG12 AG13 AG3 AG4 AG6 AG7 AG9 AM5 B-151 B-262 B-271 B-9570 B-9581 B-9583 B-9591 B-9613 B-9618 B-9641 BR1220 BR2016 BR2032 CR-V3 CR1220 CR123 CR123A CR1616 CR1620 CR17345 CR17355 CR2 CR2016 CR2025 CR2032 CR2450 DL2016 DL2025 DL2032 DLCR2 DR9570 DR9581 DR9607 DR9608 DR9609 DR9613 DR9618 DR9641 DRC2L DRC2LRES DRC511 DRC511RES DRF40RES DRF60 DRF60RES DRNEL1 DRNEL1RES DROL10RES DRP602 DRP602RES E-CR2016 E-CR2025 E-CR2032 E90 FA G12A GP23A GP27A GP86A J K23A KA KJ L1016 L1142 L828 LR03 LR1 LR1130 LR1154 LR11A LR14 LR154 LR20 LR41 LR43P LR45 LR54 LR57 LR6 LR60 LR61 LR66 LR69 LR8D425 LR920 LR927 LRV LRV8 MN1604 MN21 MN9100 MS21 P23GA PP3 R123 RCR123 RCR123A RW32 RW82 RW84 RW89 S76 SB-A9 SB-B9 SB-BU SB-T11 SB-T13 SB-T14 SB-T51 SG1 SG10 SG13 SG3 SG4 SG6 SG7 SG9 SR1130 SR1130PW SR1131 SR1154 SR1154PW SR41 SR44 SR44W SR45 SR54 SR57 SR60 SR621 SR621SW SR626 SR626SW SR66 SR69 SR736 SR920 SR921 SR926 SR927 SR936 SUM-5 SUM5 V1 V10GA V12 V12GA V13GA V23GA V357 WS14
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