Continental Digital Camera Batteries, Chargers and Adapters

Rechargeable Digital Camera Batteries, Chargers and more...

  • Original Part Numbers

    B-160 B-162
  • Continental Digital Cameras

    10L 20L 101 201 300DX 301 350T 400 400S ElectroFlash 501 555 ElectroFlash 555S ElectroFlash 800Z TelePhoto 850 950 1000T 1050 1200Z 6001 Disc Auto Flash 400 AW35 AW35 Motorwind AW950S AW1200Z CF35 Color Flash 250 Color Flash 250S Color Shot 2000 Disc 201 Disc 301 Disc 501 Disc VR2 Disco Flash 201 Disco Flip 101 DXL 110 EF126 ElectroFlash EF135 Electro Flash 126 Electro Flash 400S Electro Flash 555 Electro Flash 555S Electro Flash 800Z L35K M35 Powerwind 850 Powerwind 1000T Powerwind 1200Z SensorMatic 600SF SensorMatic 700SF SF35 SF135 Shooter 100 Super Square Shooter 900 Super Square Shooter 950 Super Square Shooter II 900 Super Square Shooter II 950 Super Square Shooter II 1050 T52 TelePhoto Tele Flash 350T Tele Flash T52 Twin Lens 202 TXL XF35